Welcome to rockless/x, a portal to my fanlistings. My name is Hanna and I've been involved in the fanlistings world since 2001 when I made my first fanlisting for the actress Renée Zellweger (now owned by Crissy). Since then I've owned probably hundreds of fanlistings (they are very addictive I tell you!), but now I'm only down to 6 (see below) and I plan to keep it that way at least for now. I used to be a trouble checked for the Fan Works and Songs: Female Solo categories as well.
My fanlistings collective has been on a long journey, it started here at; then as a sub-domain In 2005 I bought a domain for my fanlistings called and that's where I kept my fanlistings until September 2008 when I moved them here. If you want to know more about fanlistings, visit

the fanlistings

just *fantastic* . the sarcasm fanlisting
This was one of the first fanlistings I built when I started building fanlistings, but I wasn't the owner of it this whole time. When fanlisting script didn't exist and your fanlistings was growing very fast, it was hard to keep up with the updates so I decided to adopt it out. It got later removed from the Fanlistings Network, but I applied again and got approved! It's not easier to update a large fanlistings with the scripts around. I don't really have to write that much about why I'm a fan of this subject: I'm very sarcastic (that can be a bit mean sometimes, I know, but I can't help it!) and well, I just think it's funny when people are sarcastic. :p

luminous . the emma watson fanlisting
This is one of those "oh-my-god-i-can't-believe-i-got-approved-for-this" fanlistings. I became a Harry Potter fan around the same time as many others: When Goblet of Fire came out. I noticed the Harry Potter hysteria, so I just had to found out what the fuss was about. I went to a book store and picked up Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I was hooked from the first page! Obviously, being a fan of the books I looked forward to the movies and loved them! I thought Emma Watson fit perfect for the role as Hermione. She's grown to a beautiful woman since the first movie, she's smart and funny - really, how can you not love her?

not a last resort . the r/hr fanfiction fanlisting
As I said above, I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and after reading all the books, I noticed the books weren't enough. I needed more. That's when I discovered fan fiction. As a Ron/Hermione shipper I lacked some Ron and Hermione action so that's when I went seeking for some R/Hr fanfiction and I found a lot. There are so many awesome fan fiction authors out there who explore the Ron/Hermione relationship in many different ways and whichever view they choose, I will enjoy it!

whirlwind striker . the fernando torres fanlisting
Football (soccer to some) is a great passion in my life. I haven't really played football, but I've watched it live and on TV since I was little. It's something exciting to watch and I think it's kind of beautiful that football is so global and it can really unite people from all parts of the world. That said, Fernando Torres really reflects the good in football. He's humble, honest and loyal. A top of that he's a fantastic scorer. I don't know how many times I've gaped in fron of the TV after a Torres goal, thinking "how the hell did he do that?!". He just amazes me!

endless . the night sky fanlisting
I will probably never let go of this fanlisting. This subject is just too dear for me. I really don't know anything more romantic than to lay on grass or snow at night and watch the sky. It doesn't matter if it's a bit cold (actually it's better if it's a bit cold, then you have to cuddle a bit. ;) ), you just look at sky and soak in the beautifulness of the stars and the sky.

heldenzeit . the wir sind helden fanlisting
I don't really remember how I first came across Wir sind Helden. They are practically unknown in Sweden, so I must have randomly stumbeled upon them on the internet. When I travelled to Germany I saw their album in the record store and decided to buy it. Best buy ever! No matter how many times I listen to their songs, I never get tired of them. They sound just as awesome as the first time I heard them. I applied for it once when it got removed, but I was rejected. Luckily Jessica was kind enough to let me adopt it later! :)


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